Why are you doing this? (Is this some sort of community service hours for a conviction or something?)


I am doing this because I love Pittsburgh! I love everything about it! The people, the buildings, the food, the art, and the language. This book is a love letter to our city. Although I imagine it would be a pretty ineffective love letter as it is mostly about pigs.


What is Pittsburghese?


Pittsburghese is a dialect and language unique to the Pittsburgh and Pittsburghers, locally known as Yinzers because of their frequent use of the term "Yinz." "Yinz" is the equivalent of the southern Ya'all. "Yinz Guys" is equivalent to "All Y'all!" The New York Times once referred to Pittsburghese as the Galapagos Islands of the English language. Of course the New York times also endorsed Wendell Willkie and Thomas Dewey for President of the United States.Pittsburghese is a beautiful language far more beautiful than lesser romantic languages. Oh sure, 'tu sei la ragazza più bella del mondo' has a certain nice sound to it, but "Yinz wanna go dahn to primanti brodders and grab a couple of arns?" has a much more romantic charm.


What is the only animal besides man that can contract leprosy?


The armadillo.

Is this for real?


Yes this is for real. I have wanted to create this book for a very long time. But due to the rigorous demands of my work schedule, and a general laziness, I never got around to it. Now thanks to meditation, a strong work ethic, a laser like focus on the task at hand and a new experimental medication for ADD made from badger musk and only available from the Target Pharmacy in Malyasia, I have decided now is the prefect time to write and illustrate this book.


Jimmy Krenn for the CD and Rick Sebak for the foreword! How did you get them both involved?


Jimmy Krenn is the nicest guy in all of Pittsburgh. He will do anything for a good cause. Unfortunately for me this isn't really that good a cause. So as far as he knows the proceeds from this book are going to a shelter on the Northside for dyslexic dogs diagnosed with god complex. (think about that for a second, it's actually much funnier than it sounds the first time.)Rick Sebak, is actually the nicest guy in all of Pittsburgh. Not that Jimmy Krenn isn't a nice guy but I mean, come on! It's Rick Sebak! Jimmy would be great to sit around with having a cigar and sharing jokes, but Rick Sebak would take you to Kennywood and share his Potato Patch Fries!Rick and Jimmy both did this because they are collectively the nicest guy in Pittsburgh. They are the Pittsburgh Wonder Twins of Awesomeness (which is kind of an oxymoron but whatever). If you were to combine the two of them on any project at all, like, oh I don't know, say, a book? That project would be assured of being the greatest thing ever produced in the history of all time.

Have you ever written a book before?


I have written and performed over 100 different stories as a cartoonist and storyteller. I have been a performer on stage illustrating stories live for the past 30 years nationwide. I have worked as a cartoonist since the age of 14.. I.. I.. I am stalling. No, I have never written a book. This is my first book. But I promise it's a good one. Really. I am having someone else edit the spelling for airers and everything! It's going to be real good!


Can I ask you a question?


Sure go ahead.

FAQ (Frequently axed queshuns.)